Bespoke Commissions

If you're considering having a bespoke piece of furniture made then great! You've taken the first step towards throwing of the shackles of the high street manufactured furniture, and can start having some fun planning your dream piece of furniture. 

A lot of people find the thought of commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture daunting, let alone actually going ahead with it, but that simply isn't the case! We'll work with you every step of the way in creating the ideal item of furniture for your home, right from the initial idea through to delivering or fitting the finished article. 


The process

Once you've initially made contact with us, we'll promptly get back to you for a brief chat about what it is you want, and start forming a picture of how the project might look, feel, and function. Once we've got the fundamental design concept in place we'll then put together an initial drawing along with some costings. At this stage there is no obligation to proceed with the project should you change your mind. 


At this point we'll also discuss what materials you might like to use, we work with a lot of solid oak, however there are so many other lesser known species of wood that are native to the UK that might suit the project or your home more, also there is the option of using man made materials such as the wonderful birch ply, or veneers that may keep the cost down whilst still looking great. We'll also discuss the finish of the piece, you may want the wood to stay as natural as possible, or have a darker stain, or even painted. We've used a lot of products in the past so we'll be able to help you make the right choice. You're always welcome to pop in a see us and have an informal chat about the design, or if you're not local we are always available on email or phone to answer any questions you might have.

If you then decide to go ahead with commissioning the furniture, we would then draw up the final design and quote (if any changes have been made from the previous drawing and quote). Once that's all been confirmed we'll then ask for a 50% deposit which generally covers the cost of materials, and then we'll get to work! We'll give you a time frame for when the furniture will be finished and with you, and we'll keep in contact during the making process. Once the furniture is made and ready to be delivered, or if you're having a built-in piece, we'll get in touch and arrange a convenient time for you to have it  delivered or installed. If you're having a built-in piece we'll also confirm how long it will take to install.

And then all that's left to do is put your feet up and admire your new bespoke piece of furniture!   

If you have any questions regarding a project you're thinking about undertaking our would like to discuss commissioning a piece of furniture then please get in touch. Either use the contact form below or head over to our contact page here for our full contact details.  

 Below are a few pictures of both finished pieces and furniture during the making process.