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Hi welcome to our blog. We've been working hard getting our new website up and running for the past few months, and finally it’s here...yay FEW! it’s been a tough old slog juggling all the things needed to get it running smoothly, along with making orders, chasing our 2 year old around, trying to walk the dog, oh and let’s throw in a new baby boy just to make things a little more simple! But it’s here and it should make everything that bit easier for our lovely customers to place orders, keep in touch with us, and spread the word about our lovely handmade gifts and furniture.

I feel a quick introduction is in order. We're Joe & Natalie, husband and wife, parents of two, owner of an incredibly loud Border terrier (just ask the neighbours), and founders of avie & oak. We set up avie & oak in 2015 with the aim to produce gifts and furniture made from oak, which would last generations and become part of the families that have them in their home, to be used and cherished for a lifetime.

When Natalie and I were dividing up our workloads for avie & oak we originally thought it would be a simple divide, I'd make everything and Natalie would do the marketing, social media, blogging, look after our customers etc, but having had two children since we launched avie & oak, the realisation of just how much work it is raising two children, and Natalie currently setting up her own business, The_Norm (check it out she’s awesome!) we had to have a rethink. So during that rethink I landed our blog, due to Natalie wanting to concentrate on her blog for The_Norm. I must admit at first I was quite anxious about taking it on, but then I got thinking about what I could do with a blog. I knew I didn't want to just promote product after product because no one would really want to read a blog like that. So along with the odd promotion here and there I thought I could share some of my wood working knowledge, the occasional post about family life, and other bits and bobs I hope you’ll find interesting.

So here I am a dad of two, who’s passionate about both his family and woodworking. I remember back to when I must have been about ten and I got given a kid’s carpentry set for Christmas (possibly the bluntest, most useless tools ever made) but I set about making a table for my mum. I’m not going to lie it was awful, the legs fell off within about five minutes of it being put in pride of place in the living room. Even though it wasn’t any good I still remember the sense of achievement I got from taking an idea and turning it in to something real. From there that passion continued to grow and during my school work experience I had the pleasure of working with two very talented furniture makers, the moment I walked into their small workshop and the smell of the oak filled my nose, and I saw how top quality furniture was handmade, I knew that one day I would have a workshop like that. And here I am, being able to produce work like I do is a true dream come true. When I have a beautiful piece of wood in front of me and my chisel and mallet in hand I’m truly in my happy place. The only thing that rivals working with wood is my family, my two children are my pride and joy and being able to share all this with my very talented, gorgeous wife, well lets just say I’m a VERY lucky man. Even though it’s incredibly tough, and stressful getting a business off the ground, and keeping orders coming in to make sure there’s enough money to pay the bills etc, I still wouldn’t change it for the world.

Anyway that’s enough rambling from me for one day. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read our first post. Keep an eye out for our next post coming later this week; it involves a giveaway of one of our lovely pieces of furniture! Don’t miss out.

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