A Weekend of The Gruffalo, Bear Hunts, and a Bench Giveaway!



Well what a weekend we've had! It's been jam packed with fun, adventure, laughs, stresses,and our first ever giveaway! Saturday morning in our house this week was a little stressful to say the least, someone had the bright idea of not only launching our first giveaway but also promising to take our two year old daughter to the Gruffalo trail at Cannock Chase... yeah ok it was my bright idea! In my naivety i thought we'd click a few buttons on the back end of our website put up a couple of posts on social media, hop in the shower and be out the door by 9am to go on our Gruffalo adventure...ha not so much! But after a couple of hours battling with Instagram and Facebook and our daughter getting increasingly frustrated that we weren't on our way, we finally went live with our competition and scrambled out the door and into the car!

For those of you who haven't been on one of the Gruffalo trails and have toddlers obsessed with Julia Donaldson books, then I'd highly recommend it for a cheap day out. The one at Cannock Chase is free all you have to do is pay for parking, and it was the perfect length and layout for our little girl. You have a series of clues to follow around the woods which each end up revealing one of the characters from The Gruffalo which our two year old thought was fantastic. We plodded round the whole thing reciting the book (of course we know it off by heart!), and there was plenty of mud to prompt the recital of 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. Our daughter had a great time as did Natalie and I and the stresses of the morning had all but faded away...until we get home to find out there had been some technical difficulties with the competition...dum dum dum!



The Gruffalo                                                             The Log-pile Mansion!

Anyway we finally managed to get all the issues sorted with the competition and it all seems to be running smoothly. We've been overwhelmed by the response we've had so far and its only day 2! So a huge thank you to everyone who's entered so far, and if you haven't, get entering its a lovely bench! Please make sure when you do enter to keep an eye out for the subscription confirmation email in both your inbox or junk box, because if you don't confirm your subscription, your entry can't be counted.

Here's the link to the Gruffalo Spotters website in case you're interested; https://www.forestry.gov.uk/gruffalo

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